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I copied this post from another thread right after I posted it, because it seems like a conversation needing its own home where everyone can share their techniques and we can learn from each other.


Okay this will take awhile. Over the years some pics were hosted elsewhere and the links have broken. Plus the many software migrations have lost some.

One thing to try: clear your device's history and cache then close the browser completely. Sometimes you have to do this twice. Then sign back in here. This will force your browser to load the most recent software components. And that debugs glitches.

The most common glitch it fixes is seeing attachments and being able to attach new files. Attached files seem to survive long-term.

HOWEVER its smart to convert all pics to jpg and to resize. In the last couple years I went back to often resizing them to 12" or 8" tall at 72 or 96 pixels, or I use a simple app to reduce the filesize of camera pics by ~50% . . . unless there is text in the picture then I sometimes manipulate on-screen to retain legible detail. Its a small hassle, but the attached pics survive and can be viewed on most devices without overcoming smaller screen sizes or times of lower bandwith.

Older software around here automatically reduced file sizes, sometimes without regard to visual clarity but most of the time it was fine. Today's advanced software does not 'seem' to auto-reduce image files, so pics sometimes expand far larger than a phone's screen size when clicked and can take time to load which is pesky.

I use batch tools to resize groups of pics. I mostly use Photoshop on my desktop. And right now I mostly use a 'Lit Photo' application on my android phone (contains ads but works quickly with good results).

Hope this helps. Also hope others post their techniques!
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