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I locked the new Sturgis topic today that was posted in the General Discussion forum, if that is what you are referring to. I thought I explained why in my post in there. I did it because we already have a 7 page topic on this discussion. I did put a link in that topic to the other larger Sturgis topic. We try to keep the forum "clean" of double topics. It is always best to do a search first, before starting new topics. That is the first rule in the forum rules, BTW. If you haven't read them, please take a moment to do so. The reason behind attempting to keep multiple topics, on the same subject, down to a minimum is to better help all of us to find the information we need. If we had, for example, 5 different topics all talking about the exact same thing, then it would make it really hard to look up and/or follow one idea in 5 different places. Believe me, I don't like having to do this, it consumes a lot of my time to have to make sure everything is neat and where it is supposed to be. I wish we ALL could take a moment and read the rules and try to understand they are there to make the forum better and easier to use. That way, Carknee, Darkstar, Billh1943, Geestar and I could spend more time participating instead of moderating. BTW, when I lock a topic, I always put a post in there first saying why and giving a link to the other topic, if that is why it is locked. If this wasn't the topic that you were referring to, hopefully this will still explain why, anyway. Thanks for your understanding.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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