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Underinflated tires run hot, which reduces their service life. Besides, it makes your bike handle bad and could lead to a complete failure. In extreme cases, the lack of pressure may become the cause of rim damage and even a road accident. That is why it is important to monitor your tire pressure at all times. You can surely check the pressure before the trip, but what about the sudden loss of pressure in case of a puncture?

When the pressure is too high, the wheels become too stiff and the contact with the road is reduced resulting in a lack of traction. In this case, the bike can become unstable on gravel or bumpy road. The TPMS kit by Torxe available at our store is designed to monitor tire pressure and temperature and warn the rider about sudden or gradual deviations from the norm.

TORXE™ TPMS-02 - 2-Tire TPMS Kit –
Torxe™ TPMS-02 - 2-Tire TPMS Kit

Frequency: 433.92MHz
Monitor display output voltage: DC5V
Monitor working temperature: -4ºF - 176ºF (-20ºC - 80ºC)
Monitor storage temperature: -22ºF - 185ºF (-30ºC - -85ºC)
Monitor dimensions: 2.28”L x 1.89”W x 0.90”H (58mmL x 48mmW x 23mmH)
Monitor weight: 1.83 oz. (52g)
Sensor transmission power: <10dBm
Sensor working temperature: -40ºF - 176ºF (-40ºC - 80ºC)
Sensor storage temperature: -40ºF - 185ºF (-40ºC - 85ºC)
Sensor pressure range: 0-87 psi (0-6 bar)
Sensor pressure accuracy: ± 1.5 psi (± 0.1 bar)
Sensor temperature accuracy: ± 6.3ºF (± 3ºC)
Sensor battery life: more than 2 years
Sensor dimensions: 0.82”D x 0.688”H (21mmD x 17.5mmH)
Sensor weight: 0.31 oz. (9g)
Monitor displays pressure or temperature for both tires simultaneously
Easily toggles between pressure and temperature displays
Pressure unit selectable (psi or bar)
Temperature unit selectable (Fahrenheit or Celsius)
Warnings for high pressure, low pressure, high temperature, fast leakage, and sensor low battery
Alerts warning with flashing display and audible alarm
Programmable with selectable parameters
The monitor contains a rechargeable battery
Monitor battery recharges via included USB charging cable
Monitor backlight illuminates automatically when ambient light is insufficient
Monitor battery saving mode – shuts down after 15 minutes when the bike is not in motion
2 valve stem mount sensors
Sensors contain CR1632 replaceable lithium batteries
Includes tool to disassemble sensors for battery replacement
Warranty: 1 year

Go to the product page at for more information.
To browse all available tire pressure monitoring systems, click on the button below:

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them here or call our tech experts at 888.903.4344
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