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I just got my Tricky Air and I remember reading somewhere that it should be combined w/ some adj. links, or Ram Links, or the flip n grind, or something to help it to not bottom out should a line blow out.

I have an '07 Midnight and plan on a 260 kit in the near future...what do i need to get to go w/ my tricky air to be sure the 260 tire doesn't bottom out if an air line should happen to blow out?

I remember reading about this about 2 months ago while researching the TAR, but, i've been looking all weekend (now that i have my TAR and am ready to install it) and cant find it anywhere.

Also, I notice there is no fuse for the compressor and no instruction to wire one in...any one have any issue w/ no fuse for the system? And if i wanted to wire one in, does anyone know how many amps the compressor uses?

Thanks for the help.
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