So, as some of you might remember my warrior was absolutely destroyed in a two-fer, well I think its time to start parting out the bikes. I say bikes because I have my bike (03) and the partial that I picked up from DesertBoy which was an 06.

I am slowly going through and pulling off what parts I can, and checking them for damage. If I don't deem it as being safe still... well its going to be recycled. None of the listed prices include shipping, if you are local we can work something out so that you can pickup parts.

So far the parts that I have pulled off, or know are in decent shape still are:
Two Front Pulleys Stock - 100 ea
Front 33 Tooth Pulley from HeftySmurf - 125
Two Barnetts pressure plates (and clutches) 1 Green Spring 1 Gold - 125 ea
5 inch forward extensions (painted black by me)- 40
Stock Shift Linkage (just the bar not the ends, Painted by previous owner) - 40
Rear axle (with nut, pullers and collar) 03 - 150
3 spoke front wheel (runs true) 03 - 175
Rear brake caliper, mount, pads (full rebuild with new pads in May 2022) 03 - 300
Upgraded Front Brake lines (stock length) 03 - 100
Upgraded Throttle cables (new, never installed, stock length) 03 - 100
Rear HD progressive spring (still need to get it out, but it looks like its in good shape still) - 50
Tach + Housing (was partially painted by previous owner) 03 - 125
Speedo (was partially painted by previous owner) 03 - 100
Front bucket + Lens (was painted by previous owner) 03 - 125
Rear swing arm (stock width) 06 - 150
Fork Seals (from all balls racing) + Fork Oil (need to find the oil) + 3d Printed Pushers - 40

I will add pictures later today and will keep this post updated as I go through and find parts. If you have any requests please let me know and I can take a look. Main goal from parting the bike out is to just get enough money to help cover the bills that came from all of this (about 2k so far). I tried to make the prices reasonable compared to what prices I could find online, but I wont be offended at reasonable offers.