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Just a thought about the rswarrior home page.
On the rswarrior home page, "todays poll" asking "what exhaust
are you running"..
Why are manufs like Samson, Hardkrome, and Cobra not shown
as voting choices. These are very popular pipes. Yet you have
Dale Walker listed on there... yea and at 0%... hello...does that
tell ya something.
Also we need to be able to change our vote to be more representive
of what is curently our the bikes. I answered "stock can"
when I first joined but have my HardKrome's on the way.
Yet no way to show that change.
oh yea..I love this site. It was a big help on install of
the PCS lowering kit last week. I guess all the Dale walker people will be hammering me with ugly replies now!!

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