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this is redlinefidelity9 btw.. chris w/ an 06 midnight

- Black RSW upper fork tubesor some uppers off an R1 so im told they are the same;unscratched/undentedof course.
- 1998 - 2001 R1 fork set no scratches or dents - if i have to swap tubes with whatever i will

- Front 06 midnight wheel (black 5-spoke w/ stripes) Or 5-spoke black w/ machined lip - i believe these are stock ones on other trims - unbent and no heavy scratches (Insurance is going to cover a new wheel.. but i still wouldnt mind having a second front 5-spoke)
- Pair of driver foot pegs
- SS clutch cable (scratch that, just bought a barnett cable..)
- ss throttle cables (thanks to oliver and his garage sales!)

My stock forks are not bent or dentedanywhere, there are some light scuffs through theanodizing to the very tips of the machining lines, very minor damage. Would be perfect for paint, polish, chrome, or if you dont care about scuffs. If someone wants to do an upper or completeswap plus some cash im more than willing. I dont want to do an ebayif i dont have to but im seriously looking to buy in the next week or so.

Chris aka redlinefidelity9 on the forums
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