Various parts that seem handy to keep but I didn't need them over the years. This stuff goes as a batch. I cannot count how many times I bought bits exactly the same way, a box of stuff. I used lots of it, gave away some, here ya go!

The spark plugs are stockers I took out when I went to Iridium. I'll give them a light cleaning and check gap, and put on new crush washers. They would be ready spares.

The black spiral is an actual Throttle Rocker for road trips. Very handy.

The long sorta-flat black bracket is the lower half of the Yamaha inner fender elimination kit (IFEK). Many don't use this part, some adapt it for other bikes.

The standing black bracket is the AIS rack off the left side. Some like to cut it short as part of one method of cleaning-up the left side. It's handy to keep a full stock bracket, in case ever needed.

You already know what the rest are. I bought a couple spares, but most of them came to me from other members in boxes I bought.

Free, just cover cost of mailing.