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Great way to get stuff at a low price.
If you live in So Cal, you can pick it up too and his shop is in Torrance between the 110 and 405. Or he can ship it to you.

So I met this guy who owns Korp Cycle in Torrance (corner of Van Ness and Artesia). He has a store, but doesn't stock stuff, his main business is to export motorcycle parts to Japan.

If I need something I go to the following websites and look for what i need.

He can get things from Tucker Rocky or Joe Rocket I've just downloaded the online catalog now which makes it easier to look.

Then I just email the part number and description to [email protected] asking for a quote. The guy's name is Sam. He'll give you a quote and lead time.

This is a great way to save money from paying full price at stores. He's usually around 25% off retail. For clothing you need to know what size you want, but usually i've seen and tried something on at a story already and was discouraged by paying full price.

Of course finding closeouts are cheaper, but if you got to have it and it's new, it's the way to go.

Tell him that Hyung Lee with the Warrior sent you!

Let me know what you think if you try it out.
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