So decomp solenoid, we all know it, we all hate it.

Recently needed to replace mine and I didn't want to just clip the solenoid at the bottom and solder the new one in because of the crimped parts and how I didnt know what the state of the wiring was that was around it... And one of the GFs friends (with way more experience working on bikes than I, and better tools) offered to work on it for me when he got the time and just take a look over it for me to see what else might be wrong.

I get the bike back today and the decomp solenoid wasn't working, and I was still getting the classic 38 and 29 codes on the tach.
So I decided to go in and take a look and see maybe he blew the fuse, like I did, and that's when I found a connector open, red green and blue black, pull open the wiring diagram (thank you Alan H, your diagrams are some of my favorite reading materials) Decomp solenoid thermistor. Instantly pissed off, start looking around some more found the solenoid connector also not connected to ****. As far as I can tell, he hooked the new solenoid up to, the old solenoids wiring, and in the process replaced my harness connectors with spade plugs wrapped in electrical tape.

So does anyone have a decomp solenoid harness I can buy, or know where I can buy the proper connectors to attach them to the end of what wires I have left.
I just want to put the correct connectors back on and hook up my solenoid properly... and I kinda have a thing about replacing OEM connectors, I dont know why, but I like to keep them unless the idea of the repair/mod is to remove the connector.