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looks im another statistic guys. i was sitting at a stop light when i was rear-ended by a truck. i had on gear which saved me ( long live safety gear) from more serious hurt but im not critical. i will heal near 100% over time ...i hope. i didnt require hospitalization which is awesome but spent hours in the E.R with ongoing fillow-ups with my physcian. im starting physical therapy very soon. my gloves took damage from the ground and my helmet has small abrasions that would have been nasty if i had not been wearing it. my phone and a nice watch were broken as well. the warrior has some damage of course. im guessing frame damage. i dont know the fate of the machine yet. it still starts and idles great but doesnt move well due to the rear fender being folded under ontop of the tire. the inspector will give me his decisioon on its condition soon. im healing and gtting my head right. im hoping my mind will be ready to ride again by the time i have the bike fixed. there has been a rash of motorcycle deaths in my area. its crazy. two or three have been people acting like idiots but many were not the riders fault. just a few days ago a police bike cop was rear-ended at a light but was squashed between the car that hit him and the one in front of him. he died. i cant imagine my life without riding. i do a lot of seat time. im sure by the time i get my bike fixed i will be jonesing to get back into the wind. ride and sit at stop lights safe fellow warrir jockeys.
Glad your ok Man
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