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I just did a post on Leaky air ride and how to diagnose. Now I know is says "how to" in the subject, but I deliberatley put it in the FAQ section, because it has been a FAQ. It isn't a how to install, it is to correctly diagnose a problem(LEAKS) on the TRICKY AIR RIDE system.

I just wonder if someone was haveing that problem, why in the world would they look in the HOW TO's?

Would it help if I took the words "how to" out of the subject line?

LITERALLY, I see tons of subjects in the warrior faq section that are not FAQ's, but more like a random question asked by a single person that was NOT frequent. More like infrequently asked questions.... TONS! They should be in general....

I am afraid to ask, but I wonder who moved it?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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