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So, crazy enough, I don't have very many pictures of my bike. But I have shared the 4 decent pictures I do have of her. I am simply throwing my hat in the ring and wanting to share a little bit about how my bike went from all stock to the beautiful machine it is now. There is still much more to do to her, and all from/ with the parts that I had aquired from a fellow Forum Member's bike. Some of you may know him, some may not.
Last year, shortly after purchasing Big Red (now known as Big Booty Judy), I also purchased another Warrior. A Warrior from the one and only RColigan2. I made a post on the FB Group after acquiring my Red Warrior earlier on with a list of things I was after for my Warrior Build. 260 Rear, Hidden Caliper, KyleNV Engine Mount, VBAK, etc. Well, Robert commented on that post. And less than two weeks later, his Warrior was with me in Florida. And Less than two weeks after that, his 260 Rear Wheel, Swingarm, Hidden Caliper, Eibach 1000lb Spring and Custom Seat were on my Warrior. Unfortunately, life prevented me from putting more of his parts on/in my bike, but over the winter this year his parts will be installed. (Parts like his VBAK, Akitadog Coil Relocation Plate, Midnight Speedometer, Midnight Tachometer, custom Drybreak, etc)
I told him that I would refurbish and reuse as much from his bike as I can so that it can help keep his Warrior alive. So I can't wait for my bike to really take shape later on this year and share the pictures next year to this Quarterly Event as it progresses.

(What my bike looks like currently)
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(Taken March 2022)
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(Taken December 2021)
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(Taken September 2021)
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This is RCOLIGAN2'S bike arriving at my garage unit (July 2021), where literally the next day I began the process of removing all the damaged parts and then taking off the bike's beautiful 260 Rear Conversion so the entire assembly can be acid washed and then powder coated for use on the Red '08.
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I second his bike.

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