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Warrior of the Quarter Challenge - Spring!

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CONGRATULATIONS to PeterSik for winning 2023Q1!!

Snow White Freezing Plant Window

It's SPRING!! Time to get out and ride and enjoy the great weather!! Let's see your best Spring-time photos! The more sun, the better!

Award: Winner will receive one year of premium membership and a WoQ profile badge!

So, some ground rules:
  1. You have to be a member with at least 20 posts to be considered during voting.
  2. Winners of the previous 4 quarters are not eligible during voting. (Barrett50BMG, PeterSik)
  3. You can only post pictures of YOUR bike. You can request someone else to post pics of their bike, but that member has to do the posting.
  4. You can post up to 5 NEW photos of your bike that you'd like to have considered. (updated requirement)
  5. Voting will be open for the last two weeks of each quarter. I'll do my best to keep on schedule.
  6. Ties will be broken by whoever was first to post. For instance, if post 6 and 13 tie in the voting, post 6 member takes it home.
  7. Keep the chatter to a minimum. Since this will be by the quarter, the thread needs to be reasonably browsable during voting.
  8. Future competitions will have themes, but the last quarter will always be open and "theme-less".
The snow is melting and the weather is turning back into some of the best riding weather! So, lets see those Warriors!
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What the heck, I'll throw my hat in the ring...
The snow is melting and I took the bike out for a few miles just to stretch her legs a little, plus I'm tired of waiting. Lol. Today I washed and detailed it in the garage and snapped a few pics...
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Guess I'll toss my hat in the ring also.... Got a picture with her skirt up... ER... Pants down... However.. time to do that spring maintenance and do a once over while changing the oil. Also thanks to @random_guy for the post on the lift recall!
Wow that lift really gets the bike up off the ground!
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