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The winner of our 7th annual Warrior of the Year is GDwarrior!

GDwarrior won with 12 votes. Another well deserved Warrior of the Year.

For winning Warrior of the Year, GDWarrior will receive a $100 from the site owners, Vertical Scope! GD, please PM me your full name, address and email address.



About GDWarrior

Member Since 07-22-2015

Post Count 421

Location Boynton Beach, Florida
Occupation Real estate
Interests Motorcycles, riding, cooking, spending time with family!


Model Year 2008

Color Black

Size 1700

Black powder coated Yamaha double T Fat Bars
Avon Contour grips modified
Joker concealed bar end mirrors
Plasti Dipped Headlight Chrome ring in black
Cyclops H4 3800 LED light
PCS Lowering Links
Open drive belt
Rear brake reservoir relocated
Monster Pro Pipe 2-1 Exhaust with Black Exhaust Wrap
Patrick Racing BAK
Spike Cone Air Filter plasti dipped in Matte Black
Als Block off
Power Commander 5
Barons Fender Eliminator
Glossy black Plasti Dipped front and rear wheels
Paul's moto shop front spoiler/cowl
Barnett black Clutch Cable
Removed front reflectors
Removed tire pressure sticker
Removed rear Fender Yamaha sticker

18x8.5 Wheel
260 Metzler Tire
Widened Swingarm to fit 260 Tire/Wheel
Custom Rear Fender
Radiantz LED strip with Running/Brake/Turning Signals
Tricky air Ride suspension
Barons Adjustable Lowering Links

PR HC Pistons
PR Cam Kit
Powder Coated Front and rear wheel (glossy black)

Dyno Tuned at 110hp / 121.82TQ

Passenger seat.
Cobra sissy bar for the girlfriend. Lol


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So today is my Birthday and while i was sitting at the table with the family having breakfast I am getting a text message from Heftysmurf to check the forum. First i thought he was messing with me but than I checked myself and **** I MADE IT!

I always wanted to be Warrior of the year. Since I got my bike I signed up on the forum and was amazed by all these cool bikes and I had a clear vision of how I wanted mine to look like. lots of you guys inspired me and a lot of you people helped me to achieve my goal. Thank you so much for spending time with me on facebook, on the forum, on the phone or in person or on my youtube warrior channel. Thanks again to all members of rswarrior that have voted for me and all other members on this forum. I love you guys


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Congrats! "your boy" (He always introduces himself on youtube "This is your boy GD Warrior")

He mentioned the RS Forum and here I am - so IF there is a referral bonus... :D GD gets mine.
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