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Warrior owner

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Hello my name is James Phelps and I been reading these forums for the last year after I bought a 2008 Warrior. I love this bike it has 15k miles on it , it has a darkside rear tire. Vans and Hines Pro pipe , VBak , lowering kit and a color shift paint job. Looking to add a tuner next or an Ivan's tune. I am super grateful for all the work that's been put into these forums because they have been a valuable resource.
I think I'll contact arizonawarrior and order a taillight and a headlight from him tonight. I'm from Poplar Bluff MO and ride all year long down to about 49° would love to meet any other warriors in the area...
Peace and be safe out there.
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Nice to meet you James, welcome!

I was just searching items for other members and I'm happy to help you with anything I have.

I hope you'll post bike pics. We sorta are hooked on seeing what folks do with their Beast!
Hi there and welcome from the UK, James. Time to put up some photo's of the beast 😎. Frec 🇬🇧
Welcome from Kansas, this forum is packed with information!
Welcome to the greatest forum in the world lil buddy.
So you have been riding around with a VBAK & full exhaust and no fuel tuner?
Have you checked your plugs?
Let's see some pics of this bad boy and some pics under the seat and tank.
Welcome from Germany, ride safe.
We definitely need pics 😉
Welcome from NC!
Welcome from Las Vegas. Can't wait to see your bike.
Welcome from western NY! 49°?? Man when I left the house this morning it was 35°!!!
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