Bundle price for Spare Parts and Accessories On-Hand (working to update the list).

If you want just some items please send me a Conversation-PM with a list and I will post a price here to keep within the rules.


Emergency Drive Belt - H.D. #40171-97
02-05 front drive pulley nut 90179-22004-00
02-05 front drive pulley tab washer 90215-26241-00
Melling #JB-2011 Hydraulic Lifters (4)
Nippon Fuel Injectors IMP-732, Yamaha Part Number 5FL-13761-00-00
Blvd Tach Screws 2 ea M6x25/1.00 SS Button head (also uses 2 oem M6x20/1.00 SSBH).
Spare M6x8 1.0-pitch stock header (and S*) bung plugs with flat washer.
Spare exhaust header-to-jug gaskets 3EG-14613-00-00.
Spare exhaust header-to-pipe gasket 5PX-14755-00-00.
Spare stock piston rings (2 kits) 5PX-11610-00-00.
Spare stock pistons 5PX-11631-00-00 w/pins 4WM-11633-00-00
Spare stock transmission main axle 5PX-17411-A0-00
Spare stock 30T 5th gear pinion 5PX-17151-00-00
Spare stock 31T 4th gear pinion 5PX-17141-20-00
Spare stock 29T 3rd gear wheel 4NK-17231-01-00
Spare stock 24T 5th gear wheel 5PX-17251-00-00
OEM ECU (5PX-01) originally came on my 2003 bike.
OEM Pick-Up Coil (CPS) Recall Kit with gasket #90891-30047
OEM Signal Flasher (Denso FB257H) 5PX-83350-00-00
OEM Headlight Relay #5JJ-81950-29-0-00
OEM Rectifier Regulator 5JW-81960-00-00
OEM Starter Relay 4YR-81940-02-00
OEM Rear 2004 Shock 5PX-22210-20-00 (shock only)
OEM Front Brake Rotors (3-spoke wheels) 5PX-2581T-00-00 (pair).
OEM Headlight with complete chrome bucket.
OEM LED Tail Light 5PX-84710-00-00
OEM O-ring 4X8-24512-00-00 for main tank fuel filter/outlet.
OEM 3-Spoke Rear Wheel 5PX-25338-01-7B (02-7B) ASSY w/hub pulley Bearings (not axle).
OEM Rear Wheel Hub Cush Drive Dampers 4WM-25364-00-00 (set of 6)(in addition to above).
OEM Aux Fuel Tank 5PX-24280-00-00 w/Pump 5PX-13907-00-00 & Filter 5PX-24560-00-00.
OEM Aux Fuel Pump Filter 5PX-24560-00-00 (loose).
OEM Fuel Pressure Regulator 5PX-13906-00-00
OEM Left Side Dry Break 5PX-24305-00-00 Female, 5PX-24304-01-00 Male.
OEM UnderSeat Dry Break 5PX-24305-00-00 Female, 5PX-24304-11-00 Male.
Viton 3/4 x 9/16 x 3/32 o-rings for stock dry breaks (Size #113)
Colder Drybreak coupling LCD17006FV 3/8" barbed valved viton Female side
Colder Drybreak Coupling LCD22006FV 3/8" barbed valved viton Male side
OEM Air Pressure Sensor 5JW-82380-00-00 (3 each for IAPS1/IAPS2/APS)
OEM 5JJ-81950-20-00 Main Fuel Relay with the factory mounting bracket and rubber.

Some items might be sold separately in other places, and I will try to update this list along the way. I also have other parts and accessories that I will add here if they don't sell elsewhere. Plus a separate ad for a Frame that has a valid title so the bike you build can be registered and insured.

Like I posted earlier, if you want just some items please send me a Conversation-PM with a list and I will post a price here to keep within the rules. Thanks.