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Just got mine back tonight and so far so good. She's running like a top and they were very careful with her. Remember to take care of yor mechanic and they will take care of you - especially if your anal like me. I gave him a 20 up front and asked two things - thats he's careful and clean and gave him a 20 on the back end for completing the work. He had it done in 1 1/2 days. Matter of fact, I just changed the oil 2 weeks before bringing it in. It only had 20 miles on the filter. He kept the old filter in and gave me the new one the was provided with the kit. So if any dealer tells you that the oil change is additional - tell them to go to ****. Its part of the kit.

I did not have time for the HC pistons because I did not expect it to happen so fast so didn't order the parts. I just wanted my bike fixed and back with me.

So how did I get the parts?

I wrote a letter directly to Yamaha - right to the office of the President and they called me directly within two weeks. Fortunately, because of this site I was able to be the first to call my dealer prior to the letters going out so I was first on the wait list, but regardless Yamaha called the mechanic at my dealer, told him about the letter and asked that they "take care of the situation". The mechanic had me in within 2 days and completed the job in 1 1/2. I can't complain, but urge you to do the same

I'll keep you posted on the progress of the complete fix. If you don't hear back thats good news, but need to go over the entire bike from soup to nuts.

In addition, when I talked to Yamaha they told me that the parts are being evenly distributed across all dealers. I live in Central N.J. As they get the shipments in from Japan, they are distributing them out. Its simply a problem of supply and demand.
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