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This may belong in another thread, but I can see it would fit in numberous threads here so please bear with me.
First of all , the one thing I'm thankful for regarding the recall is that due to it I found!! I have found enormous relief spending numberous hours browsing here and finding I was not by myself in this situation and seeing that members were still pumped up over their Warriors in other sections ( tech, mods etc. )THANKYOU !
Last night I decided to give everyone a chance to come clean and do what I consider morrally proper to rectify the situation. I was at witts end !!
I gave one last attempt to reach customer service via telephone before contacting the attourney Generals office and sending letters of greivance and intent to all parties involved. My next step was to retain the attourney I had spoke with last week. I would be out of pocket but would put this to an END and would be back on two wheels one way or another.
I GOT THROUGH ! I will not go into details now, but Yamaha has extended my warranty ( parts & labor on Engine & Transmission) for 3 months commensing on the date I pick up my Warrior after recall work is performed.I still do not feel properly compensated, but at least they gave something.
Lo & behold my dealer recieved the first kit today. My 1700 kit . Who'ld figure ? I'm scheduled for 3/19/04. (My Wrencher having minor surgury Monday.)
There is light at the end of this tunnel. I'm going to save a fortune on Antiacids ! At one point today I was not sure if my heartburn was acting up or I was getting ready for the Big One ! I never had heart burn before receiving my recall notice.
The moral to my story: DO NOT give up like I did.This could have happened sooner. MAYBE.
Initially CS told me they were out of kits , but should have them all out by end of April.
I look forward to spending time on other areas of, when I'm not out on the highway.
Will update when she is out of surgury.
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