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What's with NC-17?

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Can somebody explain to this founding member how NC-17, that was intended for posting jokes, and was exactly that for a year, is turning into a place to post pics of your mama's bung hole?

Like there's not 100 million other sites for that crap, you have to post that poo over here? Makes about as much sense as "Welcome to the Bill Clinton Presidential Library and Pornographic Book Store". Wait a minute, bad example, those two actually do go together, but you get my drift. This site's about a motorcycle, get it?

A lot of folks have no idea how the founders of this site fought a war with the Delphi, and what it took to then build the best place on the web for Warrior info. Like we need another performance issue, those pig graphics could drag the whole site into the toilet. CarKnee, I'd blast that **** folder.

Don't post me back with any spoo about being a real man. I've won more trophys racing motorcycles than you can store on the floor of a one car garage - and when I want to look at peaches, I go to the fruit stand. What I never expected was that the fruit stand would come to

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"Democracy only works when citizens no how to govern themselves" T.Jefferson

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Don't hold back, tell us what you really think. Ok now I'm ducking.
Calm down, I agree but a nice pic of a babe on a bike is what you call priceless, or maybe hot, etc.etc.etc. Send a pic of all the
trophies so I can compare. HE HE LMAO!!!!!
I think I read that the rules for posting that like of stuff were bikinis and bikes. No porn. But I'm not complaining. I think it's great when these guys can talk their women into posing for a picture on the Warrior.
This "ISSUE" was just addressed by myself. The "Forum Rules" clearly state "Bikini Shots" Only, but we have allowed a little T&A to be shown. I do not like the full fledge graphics myself regardless if the lady is incredibly beautiful. I agree there is a time and place for that type of material, not here. I sometimes miss stuff in NC-17 due to the fact I choose not to look at all the crap there. I promise I will spent more time in that folder and move inapproriate material and contact the offender. Thanks for bringing this back to my attention.


I don't think the intent of pic posting in the NC-17 forum is to drag the site down to the level of a myriad of 'other' sites available elsewhere - just mere entertainment. Although I will agree with you, after reading (but not participating in) a lot of the stuff that went on that brought this site about in the first place and understand your frustation, there are clear rules about pic posting on the site. Carknee has posted on more than a couple of occasions, and made it a point to put focus on the fact that porn is not authorized here - as a function of the agreement between he and the host of the site. We as users of the forum have a joint responsibility, with the administrators/moderators, to police ourselves in compliance with the rules. I'm not suggesting that Carknee, or anyone else, go into full-on censorship mode - as was the case with the previous forum. But maybe we need to enforce the rules a little more closely. Not pointing fingers here, I'm just as guilty as anyone else. Just trying to make a suggestion before things get completely out of hand... Although I'm far from a founding member of this site, I'm an active user of the forums and would gladly lend a hand wherever/whenever/however necessary... bottom line - don't sh!t where you eat! just my $.02
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Lets at least stick to the rule of having a Warrior on the same photo (without photoshop helping out)
I agree 100 percent with Pursuvant lets keep it on the motorcycle
wackin off & motorcycles dont mix. you could poke an eye out or worse, go blind
I agree this ins not the place and there are plenty of others to goto for that stuff. BUT, if it is there, I will look, it's a male(me) thing!!! This is a RSWarrior site, not a porn site!!
I argree this is a GREAT SITE! Let's keep it that way if it means removing "that stuff" then let's do it, but let's not put this site in jeopardy. Too many of us rely on the info on here.

As long as the "Warrior" is invloved I think that should be okay for that area (NC-17).When you enter that section you know you might or might not see something you like. That's why it's called out like that right?

But just as a side bar "jokes" don't really involve the Warrior either. So somewhere something is going to have to give. I feel most of the people putting up the pics would comply if if asked and not have a problem. Sometimes people have to be reminded, it's part of life.

If it was a perfect world we all would be driving the Indiago (The fastest!)
I've posted links before per the moderator's criteria. If memory serves me right, no hard core & if you link eye candy then there should be a bike around her. Challenging a man's manhood is not the point. Following criteria is. Rules get bent everywhere. Just a little slack? Even racers have hot umbrella & trophy girls. What shop doesn't have a hot tool girl calendar. Part of the fun of the bike shows is to check out the ladies & the scantily clad models. Pursuvant has a point here. I say keep the girl's around per criteria & keep it clean & fun. Peace
Agree with Aztech, tee-tees and bikes is always cool. Wide open beav shots of a re-sleaved mama makes me wana hurl.

PigDog, hee hee, love that "poke your eye out" bit, although that might be a "stretch".

Mojo, get your facts strait before you call somebody a liar. Anybody who races knows trophys are a commodity, 'cause you win them all the time.

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This forum was actually OK with porn back in the begining. There were many shots posted until it was brought to my attention that it is against the terms of service. That is when I changed the rules to say "Bikini clad women are OK, but lets try to make sure there is a bike in the picture."

I am with DarkStar on this one. I rarely go in there and check out the posts, since they are usually jokes. I will try to keep up on it now.

Just like anything else in my life, if there is an area of this site ro any site that has content I don't like, I don't go there. I realize that many people can be offended by a variety of different things that mean nothing to myself or others and I have to admit that I don't get outraged easily (if at all). I was going to post a naked picture of my favorte sheep atop my warrior. Rules are rules folks and in reality, in the grand scheme of things, it's getting close to being easier to tell people what they can do than can't. Here or anywhere else, if I don't like something, I avoid or ignore it but I'm not prone to tell others that they should not enjoy something just because I don't. I'm not going to tell you not to post pictures, not to ride without leather, not to ride without a helmet, not to smoke, drink or make out with a kangeroo. If you're doing something I do not care to witness, let me know where you're doing it and I'll make sure I'm elsewhere and if I stumble upon you doing it once, I sure won't go there again.
I'm with Darkstar and CarKnee (for different reasons) I rarely went in there because it was just jokes, when I found out there was more than jokes, I went in more often. Hmmm, me and censorship of any kind don't mix well, pick a starting point and there is never an end until everybody is afraid to say or do anything.
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Agree with you Washington, my gripe is the site is running like a turd pulling pages I need, and then I find 250 folks a day are downloading crotch rot jpgs hogging up bandwidth.

I really don't care squat about NC-17 content, but their in my way doing what this site is supposed to be about. And that's what makes me start looking for the exit...
man, I thought the site has been running pretty good latly!!
How about if people want to post up stuff like that, just post a link...that way we only "offend" those looking to be "offended". I agree that there is a time and place for those kinds of pictures...sure it's a free country...but maybe RSWARRIOR should keep focused on things directly related to the Warrior. I will say that I'm no stick in the mud and it's pretty tough to offend if you guys want to find a forum to "play on" try, its got bike chicks and guns, the language is a little rough and you can get picked on pretty easy...but didn't they say in Risky Business "What the Fuc..."?

See you on the wild meatball where's the rest of those
Don't forget that those pics don't just pop up on your computer.....if you clicked on a topic or a link that may be chose to. If it's in NC-17 and your only 16 maybe you should be
You're dating yourself Rob. That's an OLD movie. You just got the end of the quote. I think the whole thing was something like: "Sometimes you just gotta say What the F***!"
That's been my outlook on life ever since. [/emoticons/emotion-1.gif]
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