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You probably could...
(everything is possible).

However, the recommended dimensions from the manufacturer varies.Recommended size for 200/17:

[*]Avon Cobra - 6.00-6.50
[*]Avon Venom - 5.50-6.50
[*]Metzeler ME880 - 6.00-6.50[/list]

The 210 would fit on a 7.00 (6.00-7.00).

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200mm tires are shaped witha bead width to match a 6" (max 6.5") rim width.

210mm Metz tires are shaped witha bead width to match a 7" to 8" rim width.

Any wider deforms the tread shapecausing premature wear and may allowbeadseparationdeflating the tire in an instant. You can check the Dunlop, Bridgestone, Avon, and MetzelerMC tire manufacturer websites for confirmation.

Note the 210mounted on a 6" oem rim fits tight in the stock swing arm and wears out very very fast due to tire shape being forced into a crown.I suspect the 210 mounted on a 7" or 7.5" rim will have a wider out-to-out dimension since the rim isn't sucking the tire in.The Metz factory chart doesn't show a total tire width mounted - soI'm only guessing the 210 on a 7" or 7.5" rim would not fit the swing arm. Maybe someone will chime-in.

THeBull said:
Can you mount a 200MM on a 7 inch or 7.5 inch rim?
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