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Ok, I deliberately left the subject vague so that you would - out of curiosity - read this thread.

When we use the search engine, it presents a list of all the theads that contain the words you are searching for - but many of them are bogus and don't actually relate to what you need.

SO, here is an idea - PUT A LITTLE MORE DETAIL IN THE SUBJECT when you start a new thread. That way, no time is wasted sorting through threads that don't apply to what you are looking for.

More people would use the search feature if this were the case.

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Rule #2 in the very short list of forum rules says exactly that. Unfortunately, very few people bother to read them. So here it is

We require that you post topics with the "Subject" line that will capture the attention of the other members. Not only will this help you receive the answers you seek, this also promotes fidelity within the message board. Example's of non-descriptive post are as follows:

"I need help"......
"A question"......
"Some Advice".....
"How do you feel"....
"What would you do"....

Be descriptive, use the "Subject" line to explain what your message is about. The "Subject" line is in fact a short form version of the heart of your message.

"My headlight isnt working"...
"How fast have you gone"...
"How do I route the handlebar wires inside?"...

*Titles Like The Above* BE Specific.

If this is the first time you've seen this, check out the rest of them here:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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