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Text from Mfgr website:

Windvest Windscreen taken offa 2003 Yamaha 2003 Warrior.
From Windvest website: You are embarking on an eye-opening look at the
latest in motorcycle windshield technology. WindVest is different from
the traditional windshield that may come standard on your motorcycle.
It has a unique design with a wind combination that deflects the wind
blast from your face and chest area and makes your ride more
comfortable and less tiring. As we always say, arrive ready to party!
When you purchase a product direct from WindVest your satisfaction is
ALWAYS guaranteed. We strive to have happy customers who return year
after year with each new motorcycle purchase or upgrade to their bike.
WindVest is customer oriented, always has been, always will be.In many
ways. WindVest has shaped the motorcycle windshield industry over the
last decade. We’ve come a long way since the first WindVest was built,
and we’re looking down the road at a number of new ideas that will keep
changing the way we look at high performance motorcycle windscreens.
WindVest was founded on one belief: to build the best performance
windscreens in the world. So we constantly look for ways to improve
windshield technology. The very first WindVest had a new idea – billet
aluminum cross-bar brackets – that revolutionized windshield mounts.
And that was just a start. Today, we’re working just as hard on new
designs. Just recently, we developed the 16” X 16” WideBody, maximum
protection in a high performance windscreen. We have plenty more tricks
up our sleeve, and you might be surprised at how far we plan to go with
motorcycle windshield innovations in the next few years.

$195. obo


[email protected]
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