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Do you have parts you don't need?

I'd like to add to my spare parts. I might never need them, so all I ask is be sure they are good-to-use and affordable. Some parts differ by model year, the following part numbers will fit my Warrior:

* Recall version Throttle Position Sensor: 5PX-85885-00-00
* or New version Throttle Position Sensor: 3P6-85885-00-00

* Speed Sensor: 5PX-83755-11-00
* Neutral Switch: 1AE-82540-00-00
* Side Stand Switch: 5PX-82566-C1-00

* Shift Pedal 5PX-18110-20-00
* Brake Pedal 5PX-27200-20-00

* Speedo 5PX-83570-00-00 (or 01-00)(blue)
* Tach 5PX-8358G-20-00 (or 21-00)(blue)

* Front Rotor Bolts 90109-06254-00
* Rear Rotor Bolts 90109-06050-00

* Ignition Switch 5PX-82501-10-00

* STR-5PX39-10-08 brake pedal smooth / holes.
* STR-5PX38-00-08 shifter pedal smooth / holes

* Start Circuit Relay: 5KS-81950-30-00 (this item is for 2004-2009 for my separate use).

1 - 10 of 10 Posts