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Anybody else get this email? I wonder if it affects parts for our Warriors?

September 1, 2008
Dear Yamaha Dealer:
Yamaha Motor works hard
to remain your #1 source of parts and accessories. We strive to provide
high quality parts and accessories at competitive prices. Due to a
significant rise in supplier cost, a price increase will be implemented
starting October 1st 2008. This pricing change will only effect parts
for units no longer in production, some selected older parts will have
a greater increase than others.
In early September, two price master
files will be distributed to your Dealer Management Systems and posted
on YDS for your convenience. One file will have the parts prices for
the month of September. The other file will have the October prices. By
comparing the two files you’ll be able to see which part numbers have
been impacted. It may be beneficial for you to stock up on these parts
in September before the price increase is implemented.
Thank you for your continued support of Yamaha Genuine Parts and Accessories.
National Parts & Accessory Sales Manager
Parts & Accessories Division

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Hey Thom, I received something similar from Yamaha Sports Plaza in Seattle the other day, telling me of a parts price increase October 1 and if I wanted any big $$$$ items to order now before they came into effect. I thought of posting it, but haven't gotten around to beat me to the punch![:'(]

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