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Before everyone starts posting like mad on this I will come out and say that I didnt find out the site was down until 7am EST.

Judging by the last post made the site went down some time around 8:45pm EST. Sorry all you West coast people since that is probably the start of your free time.

Something running on the server caused the CPU to max out and crash this site... unfortunetely it crashed it 30 minutes after I shut down for the night. And since this was the only site on the server to crash it went unfixed until I was able to speak with the web host at 8:30am. I left them messages and emails starting at 7am.


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The funny thing is. We can now tell when the site is about to go down. Everything slows down, gets all bogged up. Takes longer to reply to a topic or keeps asking for refresh or server not found.

Remember folks, when this site does bog down we have the Delphi Forum as a back up for the addicted forum folks who can't get by without Warrior Talk. The link is in my signature.
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